PUMA — History doesn't repeat itself


Agency / Production




estud.io (agency, Production · BRA)
Plant (design)
Ana Mattioni, Bruno Oppido, João Linneu e Del Reginato (DIRECTION · BRA)
Moonwalk Films ( PRODUCTION · FRA)
Etienne Labastie e Anna Deutsch (ExECUTIVE PRODUCTION · FRA)

In 2022, during the World Cup, Neymar Jr. scored his 77th goal for the Brazilian national team, equaling the number of goals that Pelé scored for Brazil.

Our campaign was more than a celebration, it was a tribute to the King, who has an unparalleled history, after all, History doesn't repeat itself.

Both are/were PUMA athletes, both made history at Santos and won the world with their football. Still, when we look at each of their stories up close, there's no comparison. Here we tell Neymar Jr.'s story, which is the result of everyone who has crossed his path and influenced him, including Pelé.

More than 15 years later, when we shot the last clip of this film, Neymar Jr. had the chance to revisit his prophecy of the number 10,

The campaign was rolled out globally on the same day that the milestone was reached.


The work brings together material from the NJR collection that was researched, retrieved and captured over the course of a year between research and assembly of the material.

Within this material, we found a rare elementary school notebook, where Neymar Jr., also showing his artistic talent, drew a classic image of Pelé celebrating a goal. On the shirt, above the number 10, the name that can be read is that of Neymar.