PUMA — Future Rider






estud.io (agency)
Capuri (production)
Breno Moreira (direction)
Thiago Mascarenhas e Eduardo Resende (executive production)
DaHouse Audio (audio production)

To launch PUMA's Future Rider sportstyle line, we wanted to show a Bruna Marquezine that no one had ever seen. A Bruna who lives like ordinary people when she goes out on the streets. That's why we took her for a short stay in NYC, where we were able to explore various corners of the city, where she felt free to walk like any of us. Our concept was "Bruna as she is, colors as they are". But a week after the NYC shoot, the pandemic hit. And, with the whole world trapped in their homes, everything that had been captured no longer made sense.

Instead of launching the campaign all at once, we decided to film Bruna's reaction when she saw the film for the first time. That footage recorded her last trip before the quarantine, and seeing that not-so-distant past brought many reflections. We transformed the film into a reaction. It was released 3 months later than expected, out of respect for the moment.

The campaign was one of the great spikes in awareness for the brand worldwide, in 2020. The concept "Change starts when we move", which came from Bruna's speech in the video, ended up guiding PUMA's communication throughout the quarantine.